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How Should Be The Image When Listing Your House For Sale?

Posted by Elena Tchoumakova on Aug 26, 2022 in Blog

Many home sellers keep aside the image and just focus on the listing price. A few of them take care of the details along with the price. They think that buyers are anyway going to visit the property before buying.

A physical visit to the property comes later. The first step in the selling process is to attract buyers through photos. If buyers will feel good after checking out the photos, they will surely try to connect with you and discuss further. Without the photos, they won’t be much interested as there will be nothing for them to visualize. So, photos are important when selling your house, that too a perfect one.

Real estate photography is not like general photography that you do daily. It’s very different and should be done with lots of strategies. So, we advise you to work with an experienced real estate agent in your locality.

Tips to post a perfect image when listing your house for sale

The images shouldn’t be blurry or out-of-focus

Blurry images often make the buyers doubtful. They feel that sellers are hiding something or certain features of the house. And if the image is grainy, the house looks menacing because of the deep shadows. So, no matter what, the images shouldn’t be blurry or out-of-focus if you want to impress your buyers.

With advanced technology, getting blurred photos is impossible. Just make sure you use the right camera and keep the angle perfect. Also, you should use a tripod to ensure camera stability.

The lighting should be perfect 

You very well know the importance of lighting in photography. Even when taking a selfie, the result will not be great if the lighting is not proper. You will get unnecessary shadows or dark spots in the picture. Similarly, lighting is important in real estate photography.

Good lighting makes the property look more spacious, fresh, and inviting, especially if natural light is used. So, you should take interior photos during the day, keeping the windows and blinds open and curtains drawn back. Exterior photos with natural light are also great.

The house shouldn’t be cluttered 

We know houses are often messed up. It’s very difficult to keep everything in the right place and properly organized. But, as it’s about attracting buyers through the images, you should make your house clutter-free before clicking it. The bed should be made, food items shouldn’t be on the kitchen counter, no papers on the side of the refrigerator, and others are a few things that you should avoid.

The clean and clutter-free house doesn’t affect the quality of the photos directly; it makes the photo session challenging. It becomes difficult for the photographer to show the actual version of the house. In the cluttered house, buyers are unable to see the most attractive aspects of the room.

Are you ready to sell your house? Seek help from an experienced real estate agent and post an amazing image of your house when listing it online for sale.