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Why Palm Coast Is the Best Retirement Destination City in the U.S.?

Posted by Elena Tchoumakova on Dec 16, 2022 in Blog

If you are getting closer to your retirement and wondering which city to live in, let us tell you why Palm Coast must be at the top of your list. Palm Coast, Florida has been named the Best City to Retire in 2022 by Retirement Living – a recognized organization that explored all cities with a population greater than 80,000 residents. It evaluated cities and rated them for different parameters, including safety, activities, attractions, cost of living, and housing affordability for those with fixed incomes.


Palm Coast – The Best City for Retirees: Why?

According to Retirement Living, Palm Coast performed better than all other cities in terms of average mortgage, sales tax rate, and cost of senior care, and hence, ranked #1 for being the Best City for Retirees. In Palm Coast, retail properties and residential properties, both range from budget-friendly to upscale prices. Due to its upward trends in residential and commercial properties, it serves a population of 28% over the age of 65.


What Makes Palm Coast the Best City for Retirees?

There are not a few but multiple reasons to move to Palm Coast after your retirement.


  1. Low Cost of Living

As people get closer to retirement age, they prefer moving to a place where they can spend less on necessities and more on leisure activities to enjoy their golden years peacefully. Palm Coast has a significantly lower cost of living than the rest of the country. Whether it is housing, groceries, or transportation, all these costs are lower than the national average. Note that though the cost of living is low in Palm Coast, the quality of living is high.


  1. Pleasant Weather

Palm Coast witnesses amazing weather all year round and winters are mild here. Temperatures don’t fall below 65F even in January and remain as warm as 89F in summer. Though you will see precipitation throughout the year, you will enjoy lots of sunshine as well. It is a bright and sunny place, which is ideal for elderly people.


  1. Beautiful Beaches and Parks

If you or your life partner is a beach lover, you will fall in love with Palm Coast as you will find so many beaches in close proximity. Many pristine beaches also have unique gift shops, wildlife, aquatic recreation options, and of course, oceanside dining. Whether you love fishing, alfresco dining, canoeing, or viewing natural beauty and wildlife, Palm Coast beaches have it all. Flagler Beach is just 18 minutes away and is accessible and equipped with wheelchairs as well.


  1. World-Class Golf Courses

It is often difficult to find world-class golf courses that are close to your home. But, in Palm Coast, it is possible. This city is heaven for people who love playing golf as it has 8 golf courses and you can find ten more within 20 miles. Many of its golf courses are developed by top architects. You will also find several beautiful parks to keep your fitness level high.


  1. Affordable Housing

When buying your retirement home, you want it to be as affordable and beautiful as possible. Palm Coast is the best place to find the perfect retirement home because houses for sale in Palm Coast are more beautiful and affordably priced than in other counties and cities in the U.S.


  1. Close to Airports

When living your dream life in Palm Coast, you won’t remain estranged from your close ones because your children and relatives can easily meet you as Daytona Beach International Airport is just a little over half an hour’s drive away from Palm Coast. So, no more excuses for having no time and traveling long distances for your loved ones.


  1. Tax Breaks

The State of Florida offers tax breaks and exemptions for elderly people, and these reliefs are based on your income and for how long you are living in the state.

Retiring in Palm Coast will give you first-hand experience of the amazing social life as this place opens the door to many leisure activities. So, don’t wait anymore and connect with the best local real estate broker in Palm Coast and buy your retirement home now.