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Is Palm Coast a Good Place to Retire?

Posted by Elena Tchoumakova on Oct 21, 2022 in Blog

Yes, Palm Coast is one of the most amazing places to retire in the United States. What’s more, Palm Coast has also been named the “Best City to Retire in 2022”, according to Retirement Living. When it comes to finding the best city for retirement, you need to do intensive research and weigh your personal and financial priorities thoroughly. If you are wondering what makes Palm Coast the best city to retire, keep reading to know what Palm Coast has to offer to retirees and people who are looking for a place where they can see themselves living till their last years.

Palm Coast in Florida is a beach city that lies about 90 miles south of Jacksonville. It is a wonderful place to live, study, work, and retire. Being ranked among the Top 10 Best Cities to Retire in the U.S. multiple times by different surveyors and organizations is a clear testament to the high quality of life that residents of Palm Coast enjoy.

Top Reasons that Make Palm Coast the Best City to Retire

  1. Sparkling Beaches

It is an amazing place, especially for beach lovers as this place is abundant with sparkling beaches. At many beaches, you will also find oceanside dining, gift shops, wildlife, and lots of aquatic recreation. Flagler Beach is just 18 minutes far from Palm Coast and is best for those who love fishing, trying beach-side eateries, and more. It is accessible and equipped with beach wheelchairs.

  1. Budget-Friendly

One of the most important factors for retirees is for a place to have a low cost of living. Palm Coast has a substantially lower cost of living than the rest of the country. You can find housing, groceries, and transportation costs to be lower than the national average. As we all know, a low cost of living means more money available to enjoy what you want to do in terms of leisure and travel.

  1. Excellent Weather

There is no denying that Palm Coast enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year. Its winter temperature doesn’t fall below 65F (January) and summers remain as warm as 89F. While you will see precipitation throughout the year, you will enjoy lots of sunshine too.

  1. Affordable Homes

If you think buying a home in Palm Coast would be out of your range, you are wrong. Housing in Palm Coast is far more affordable than you think, given all the amenities and opportunities it offers. Right from stylish condos and affordable apartments to spacious townhouses and luxurious homes, it has many living arrangements to choose from. Getting the assistance of a local real estate agent can really help you find your dream home in Palm Coast quickly and without any hassles.

  1. Nearby Golf Courses

If you like to play golf, Palm Coast must be on top of your list because it has world-class golf courses in the vicinity. Many of these golf courses have been designed by top champions and feature stunning slope ratings.

  1. Abundant Greenery

Well-maintained parks in proximity matter a lot for retirees because going on morning jogging and evening walks become even more important with aging. Palm Coast has many beautiful well-maintained parks. Some of them even offer wildlife viewing opportunities, while others have several miles of trails to explore.

In addition to all the above, Palm Coast also offers tax breaks and exemptions for seniors based on the income and how long they have lived in the state. Social life is great and the city opens door to many leisure activities, helping seniors live an active life.

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